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Phonak Naida V

Phonak Naida V

The Phonak Naida V family of hearing aids provides enhanced power and performance in a tidy, water resistance package. 

Powerful Sound Processing

Built on Phonak’s latest platform, Venture, the Naida hearing aids provide unparalleled hearing assistance.

Making use of new adaptive and automated features, these powerful hearing aids not only make high-frequency sounds more intelligible, mid and loud broadband signals are also more audible – all while maintaining high sound quality and preventing distortion.

These features allow Naida wearers to better process and understand all types of sound, especially speech, while restoring life’s simple pleasures such as hearing birds sing.

Flexible Styling & Slim Design

Not only does the Phonak Naida hearing aid restore your hearing to all new levels, it does it discretely.

Naida V is one of Phonak’s smallest hearing aid families designed for severe to profound hearing loss. Already smaller than many competitor hearing aids, the new Naida V is 25% thinner than the previous Naida Q models.

Each model come in 11 colors to suit both your unique hearing needs and individual style. These slim, stylish devices allow you to make the first impression – not your hearing aids!

Available Naida V Models

Naida V comes in 3 durable, water & dust resistant models with multiple performance levels to address your specific hearing loss needs.

Naida V-RIC

Small, receiver-in-canal hearing aid for mild to severe hearing loss.

Naida V-SP

Behind the ear model for moderate to profound hearing loss.

Naida V-UP

Behind the ear hearing aid for severe to profound hearing loss.

Phonak Naida Features

In addition to many manual and automatic programs that support speech and communication in a variety of environments - including the car, loud noise, listening to music, etc. - other Naida V features include:

  • UltraZoom - improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments
  • EchoBlock - understand well in echoey environments
  • SoundRelax – cushions impulse sounds for natural, clear perception of speech and sounds
  • WindBlock - suppress wind noises when outdoors
  • FlexControl - easy interaction with the hearing aid
  • FlexVolume – increased clarity when more volume is required
  • Real Ear Sound - natural sound orientation
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator – generates a broadband sound for tinnitus management
  • QuickSync - control both instruments with one touch
  • Auto Acclimatization - the right amplification at the right time

Naida V Pricing

Hearing aid prices vary based on model and technology level. The best way to get started is to book a free assessment at a Connect Hearing clinic near you.

Connect Hearing offers Price Match Guarantee, so you can rest assured that once you find the right hearing aids for you, you’ll also get the best price and service package!

Not only does Connect Hearing offer Price Match Guarantee and 0% Financing Options, but you also receive these additional benefits:

  • 3 to 5 years of free batteries depending on technology level $400 value
  • Free annual checkups $100 yearly value
  • Free, regular cleanings $100 yearly value
  • Exclusive CAA member discounts up to 15%

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