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Phonak Nano

Phonak Nano

Introducing the Phonak Nano - the world’s smallest custom hearing product. Completely invisible and incredibly powerful, the Nano is the unrivaled champion for discreet every-day wear.

Completely Invisible Hearing Aid

With a 30% size reduction compared to the smallest completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, the Phonak Nano is the smallest custom hearing devise in the world. The Nano is completely invisible to those around you, allowing you to keep your hearing loss as private as you choose.

The Nano is suited for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss, and is available as a configuration of the Phonak Ambra or Solana hearing aids. Choose the Ambra Nano if you lead an on-the-go, highly social lifestyle. With Ambra Nano, you can easily adapt your hearing across a vast range of difficult hearing environments, including situations with the highest levels of background noise.

The Solana Nano is a perfect solutions for those with a laid back, slightly less intense lifestyle. If your day-to-day focus includes one-on-one conversation, meetings, dining out, or other situations with moderate to low background noise, this is the hearing aid for you.

Custom Comfort & Design

Not only does the Phonak Nano allow you to restore your hearing without detection from your friends and neighbors, it is also design specifically to your ear canal for the most comfortable fit possible.

Computer-aided design and the latest state of the art materials allow for a precise, comfortable fit, built for years of use. The Phonak Nano fits completely in your ear canal, providing outstanding sound quality and worry free use.

Phonak Nano Pricing

The Phonak Nano is currently available as an Intermediate level hearing aid (Solana Nano), or a Premium level solution (Ambra Nano) - both options includes our comprehensive SoundCare Assurance aftercare program. With our exclusive Advantage Payment Plan, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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