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Phonak Virto V

Phonak Virto V

The Phonak Virto V family perfectly blends innovative hearing technology and attractive cosmetic design into discreet custom hearing aids that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Powerful & Innovative Sound Technology

The Virto V, built on Phonak’s groundbreaking new Venture platform, allows users to hear and understand in more challenging listening situations than ever before. Virto V replaces Virto Q, built on the previous Quest platform.  

The new Venture platform boasts longer battery life and more processing power, but perhaps the most compelling feature is the new AutoSense OS which adapts to practically any environment through 200 settings without the need for manual interaction.

AutoSense OS makes use of the Virto’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology, which makes singling out one voice at a crowded party or the ability to hear & understand a loved one on a windy beach a reality again.

With its Speech in Wind feature, the Virto V automatically detects wind noise and compares speech signals between hearing aids; the hearing aid with the better speech signal then has its signal replicated and streamed to the other side.

Attractive, Discreet & Flexible Design

These custom ITE (in the ear) hearing aids are designed to be incredibly discreet.

Thanks to the development of the Floating Antenna, wearers can expect more performance in smaller sizes than other custom hearing aids. This tiny, internal antenna allows for 25% less visible surface than the previous Virto Q hearing aids.

The Virto V comes in 6 models that can be customized by technology level and color – 4 faceplate colors and 6 shell colors for all models but the nano. The nano is so incredibly small as to be essentially invisible – it comes in 4 faceplate colors and 2 shell colors.

Virto V Features

Virto models include a wide variety of automatic programs depending on technology level. All the models include features like Speech in Noise to automatically optimize signal to noise ratio in noisy environments and Calm Situation to support one-on-one conversations.  In addition to automatic programs, Virto V includes manual programs as well, such as Acoustic phone to stream callers’ voices to both ears.

Other signature features include:

  • AOV – Acoustically Optimized Venting optimizes the fitting calculation
  • UltraZoom - improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments
  • EchoBlock - understand well in echoey environments
  • SoundRelax – cushions impulse sounds for natural, clear perception of speech and sounds
  • WindBlock - suppress wind noises when outdoors
  • FlexControl - easy interaction with the hearing aid
  • FlexVolume – increased clarity when more volume is required
  • User Preference Tuning – Remembers FlexControl and FlexVolume adjustments and automatically supports your preferences
  • Real Ear Sound - natural sound orientation
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator – generates a broadband sound for tinnitus management
  • QuickSync - control both instruments with one touch
  • Auto Acclimatization - the right amplification at the right time

Virto V Pricing

Virto hearing aid prices vary based on model and technology level. The best way to get started is to book a free assessment at a Connect Hearing clinic near you.

Connect Hearing offers Price Match Guarantee, so you can rest assured that once you find the right hearing aids for you, you’ll also get the best price and service package!

Not only does Connect Hearing offer Price Match Guarantee and 0% Financing Options, but you also receive these additional benefits:

  • 3 to 5 years of free batteries depending on technology level $400 value
  • Free annual checkups $100 yearly value
  • Free, regular cleanings $100 yearly value
  • Exclusive CAA member discounts up to 15%

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