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Hearing Protection Products

Whether it’s preventing noise-induced hearing loss at work, getting a quiet sleep, protection from swimmer’s ear or safely playing or listening to music, we have products that help you protect your hearing.


If you can’t understand normal conversational speech at work, the noise level could damage your hearing with ongoing exposure. Connect Hearing offers a variety of custom fitted hearing protection options.

Communicate Ear™

Designed for people who require two-way radio or cell communication and hearing protection simultaneously.

dB Blockers™: Vented, Non Vented and Convertible Vented

Protection that allows the wearer to hear normal conversation, maximum protection where conversation isn’t needed, and the ability to switch between conversation and non-conversation modes.


Enjoy a restful night with “Sleepers”, a compact and comfortable night-time ear plug for any sleeping position.


Swim plugs can reduce the risk of ear infections and bone growths in the ear canal from exposure to cold water. Made from a special material designed for use in water, they are available for children and adults.

For Musicians

Superior protection without distorting tonality. Musician plugs come in four filter choices depending on the volume and frequency of music played or enjoyed. Your instrument or position in the band (e.g. relative to speakers or other instruments) will also influence filter choice. Speak with a Connect Hearing professional about the right protection for you.

Are you ready to take the next step to address your hearing loss? Find a clinic near you and come see us to discuss your individual hearing needs.

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