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What’s Involved in a Hearing Test

In our first meeting we conduct a thorough review of your hearing and the factors that can affect your hearing health. This appointment will take approximately 90 minutes. We recommend you bring a friend or family member so we can evaluate parts of the hearing test using a familiar voice.

What to expect at your first appointment

Examination: a visual exam of your ears for any factors that could affect the hearing test results such as infection or wax build-up.

Hearing Health History/Personal Hearing Survey: you will be asked specific questions about your otological (hearing) health and general health factors that can affect hearing such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Hearing Needs Assessment: your Connect Hearing Professional will ask you about 3-4 daily situations in which you would like to improve communications.

Hearing Test: A hearing test is an evaluation of the sensitivity of your hearing. It takes place in a sound-proofed booth or room. Seated comfortably, you’ll put on headphones and listen to a series of tones. You will push a button when you hear each sound.

Results: your Connect Hearing professional will explain your results and how they relate to the communication situations you’ve described.

Solutions: if you can benefit from hearing aids, your Connect Hearing professional will recommend a solution for your individual hearing loss, including the option to try hearing aids for two weeks at no obligation so you can experience the improvement first hand.

How to prepare for your hearing evaluation

If you have scheduled an appointment with a Connect Hearing professional, the following list of questions and tips will help you prepare for your visit:

  1. List any symptoms you are experiencing, and for how long. Ask your loved one to help you make the list. Friends and family may have noticed changes that aren't obvious for you, but they may be important for your Connect Hearing professional to know.
  2. List key medical information, especially related to any problems you have had with your ears. Further, please list any medications, vitamins or supplements you are taking.
  3. Summarize any jobs, military service or hobbies (such as hunting), even in the distant past, that exposed you to high noise levels.
  4. Bring a family member or friend along. It is important to have a familiar voice at your appointment so that we can perform practical word tests and provide real world applications of the digital hearing technology.
  5. Please also bring:
    • Insurance or benefits cards
    • Active Canadian Automobile Association card.

This will help your Connect Hearing professional to better evaluate your experience with hearing aids.

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